Great Gift Ideas for Dachshund Lovers

Whether you have a dachshund lover on your gift list or love these adorable dogs yourself, there are many great gifts for doxie lovers to choose from. From clothing to jewelry, home decor, puzzles and more, we at Dachshund Gift Ideas have the perfect solution for your gift giving needs.

About Dachshunds

Dachshunds originated from Germany and come in many different colors and sizes as well as long haired, wire haired, and short haired (also referred to as a smooth coat). The dachshund comes from the hound family and was actually bred to hunt prey. However, these days many people find the dachshund to be the perfect companion.

Dachshund Sizes

There are three different sizes for dachshunds including the miniature, standard and what isgifts for dachshund lovers known as “kaninchen” which is a german word for rabbit. The kaninchen is normally not recognized as a breed by the U.S and U.K clubs, whereas the standard and miniature are.

A full grown miniature dachshund generally weighs less than twelve pounds while the full-grown standard-size can vary anywhere from 16-32 pounds. Kaninchens generally weigh less than eight pounds.

Dachshund Health

Due to their unusual features, the dachshund is often lovingly referred to by different names including the doxie, wiener dog, weenie dog, hot dog and sausage dog, just to name a few. With their short legs and long body they really do have a unique appearance, however, this does sometimes cause health issues such as spinal problems.

This can be even worse for doxies that are overweight so it is important to make sure they maintain a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise. Dachshunds can also be at risk for other health issues including brittle bone disease (seen more in the wire-haired breed) as well as other health issues. You can read more about the health issues of dachshunds as well as treatment and prevention on the Daschund Owner Guide website.

Dachshunds as Companions

With the popularity of dachshunds, it is no surprise that they have become such a popular companion, especially for those who are looking for a smaller breed dog. And many doxie owners feel that they can’t have just one, which means often times, you will find two or more pampered doxies in one home. And for the dachshund enthusiast, there are all kinds of great dachshund gift ideas that are sure to be treasured for years to come! Be sure to check back often as we add more fun and unusual dachshund gift ideas.